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About Dubai-Agency

In 2014 Dubai-Agency was founded by the German Entrepreneur Clemence Chee. We witnessed the local rise of Social Media, Google and E-commerce in the region of the United Arab Emirates. It is clear that this is only the beginning of a game-changing process. This transition from offline to online was the groundwork for our business. Encouraged by the success of companies in Germany , the idea was to create a scalable organization across borders, helping small- and medium-sized enterprises to generate business from the internet. The positive results we delivered for our very first clients where the groundwork for many more, turning Dubai-Agency into what it is today. And we are still at the beginning of a exciting journey.

Our Mission

For companies in the UAE, we want to be the ticket for the trainride on the social-media train. We don't precast or ready-made, but provide every company an individual solution for their needs.

The internet, either on laptops, PCs, Macs or mobile devices has become the key medium for communication and information across the region. Before users buy a product or book a service they surf the internet to know more about it. But yet, most of the regional companies, especially in the small- to medium-sized sector, are promoting businesses OFFLINE in newspapers, magazines or even Yellow Pages.

Using the internet as the primary channel for marketing provides several advantages, especially for small- to medium sized businesses such as

  • Focus on users which are interested in your product and might turn into customers
  • Control of return-on-invest (ROI); Only spend on the type of marketing that works for you
  • Generate more business, even with minimal marketing budgets

But online marketing is complex. A lot of parameters need to be considered and monitored to ensure the best possible outcome on an ongoing basis.

This is where Dubai-Agency comes in. Our platform (“made in Germany”) along with a team of experienced online marketeers sets up, manages and optimizes your online marketing, generating valuables new business leads for you. Our tools and approach are focused on regional and local relevance and especially made for small- and medium enterprises.

We want to be the partner in the worlds digital department and lead your company to success.

Your project with Dubai-Agency

We love what we do, and we made our Hobby to our profession. Dubai-Agency - Individual solutions for you company. Social Media, SEO, Digital Marketing, German Consultancy in Dubai

Our Team

Clemence Chee


Günther Kohler

Media & Commerce-Marketing

Philipp Merten


Andreas Hofer

Sales & Consulting





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Clemence Chee

Belgradstrasse 68
80804 München

Dubai-Agency | Social Media, SEO, Digital Marketing, German Consultancy in Dubai


E-Mail: info[at]dubai-agency.com

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