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Interdiciplinary Consulting

As german consultants, our office is practically our playground, where we swing and seesaw ideas.

Dubai-Agency is a full-fledged german consulting and marketing company that works hard to help company's products/services exceed their targeted results. We manage the entire process through to completion. Starting with strategic planning, design proposals, execution to ROI analysis and report. We believe in technology as a tool to help build a better world and by using our technology driven approach, we challenge ourselves to produce ideas that can spark positive change.

We also believe in having a good time while doing what we love, and we do love what we do.

We thrive in a creative culture, where ideas are free-flowing. We don’t cram ourselves in the office every day. We prefer to open the windows and stroll around, talk to people, instigate curiosities, explore adventures, conduct experiments. We believe great ideas need breathing space and an environment brimming with fun. We take these things seriously.


Only those who can be seen online, do exist online.

Strategy Consulting

Boost your project with experience in e-commerce and digital Marketing

Social Media Magic

Your customers and users use social media. Do you talk to them?

Mobile Marketing

Target the right audience with the right arrangements!

You have never been closer to your audience

We just need to start listening to them!

Method: Understanding people
We're mainly interested in understanding people, how they really tick and what motivates them. That's why we meticulously monitor, where and who talk aboud brands. We identify popular as well as critical issues. We find trends and opinion leaders. Tracking the behavior of the User and their relationship to their social environment. We match this knowledge with the Briefing and derive it from the main idea.

Strategy and Creativity

In exactly that order

How we encounter media-complexity and the requirement of global brand leadership?
In our opinion - first strategy! We define the abutment of our work, like: Who would and can we adress with which topics? What is the right environment? What role does mobile has? How can we monetarise the built reach? Where do we implement multipliers? When do we do that? How do we use the media most efficient? As a Full-Service-Agency for alternative marketing, all departments work hand in hand. All strategic relevant questions are always in focus - before the creation begins.

Complex things

Make them easy

Simplicity is a main key to success: in communicating messages, in processing submissions to faciliate the decision-making process, in complete campagnemanagement.
That is why we want to make your day as easy as possible: e.g. with clear structures and for your needs coordinated processes, with placative eye-catching reportings and dashboards, by talking straight and using intelligent tools for crossmedia and global campagnes. Just test it!

The world is changing every minute.

Good if you are the engine

New and fresh ideas gives the strength, to make brands livelier, stronger and more successful. It is our claim, to discover new things for our customers and be the first to use those.
It does not matter, if we process interesting web-proposals, technologies which open new doors and chances, or social trends which are relevant for your brand: using our knowledge, we want to set mobile/digital standards for you, which are global state-of-the-art possible.

Boost your Business to sucess with online presence and Dubai-Agency's individual solution for you



Clemence Chee

Belgradstrasse 68
80804 München

Dubai-Agency | Social Media, SEO, Digital Marketing, German Consultancy in Dubai


E-Mail: info[at]

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